In My Daughter’s Eyes

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There are so many memories that I wish I could get back, but most of them revolve around my family and friends.  There are so many memories of my daughter Taylor in her short 17 years hat I wish I could remember and be part of.  My daughter is a beautiful young woman who is proofing to be intelligent with her 3.7 grade point average in her senior year of high school and focused on her career of the fashion world.  Taylor will be attending FIDM in Los Angeles in September of 2010.  She is full of life and everyone including me adores her.  She is a captain of her high school cheerleading team and she attends EVIT for her fashion merchandising after her 2 classes in high school.  With all of these activities she maintains a part-time job as a hostess at a local restaurant.


As I sit back in amazement and watch her develop into a wonderful woman, it is apparent to me that both my wife Joan and I have done an excellent job of raising her with values, morals and self esteem.  Every time I look at her she reminds me so much of my wife who has the same wonderful characteristics and personality as Taylor. As I go through family pictures and see all the years of her growing up it is visible to me to see her transform into this wonderful person.


My accident has been hard on my Taylor, there are so many memories she has of the two of us sharing quality time as father and daughter.  She shares with me special times such as the time we went to a father and daughter dance or me helping her race her quad when she was involved with our sons motocross.  It is these special times with her that I will forever miss and hope that one day will return.  As a father I can only hope that I have encouraged her enough and shared my life lessons with her that will carry on with her throughout her adult life.  I may not have memories of her first 17 years but I am looking forward to some of he special moments that she has to look forward to in the future.  Her senior prom, her first day of college, me walking her down the aisle on her special day and one day holding her child that she brings into this world.  I can only hope that there are many special moments that I can share with her and be the father that I know my beautiful daughter deserves.  If Taylor can forgive me for not remembering her first 17 years I can promise that I will be there every step of the way with her to create better memories for the rest of my life.

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