The Same Things

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So many people ask me if we had to relearn about each other or was it there in his subconscious.  I find it ironic that Scott has the mannerisms that used to drive me crazy—some of those could have gone with the memory loss!  You see he would make this sound by sucking in his mouth through his teeth that seems to let me know that he is annoyed or frustrated—usually by something that I am doing.  Also he still gets frustrated by traffic or having to turn around the car because he missed a turn or we need to go back for something.  The same goes for me as well, if I do something that use to annoy him prior to the head injury—it still does.  I pick at my cuticles—nervous habit, I guess, and this still drives him crazy.  So even if he doesn’t have his memory of me doing something the same thing drives him and me crazy.  That is why he seems “no different” to most people because he walks, talks and responds like Scott always did just don’t “say remember the time”……

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