Pink Blanket

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11/21/10 Pink Blanket

Yesterday our daughter Taylor went back to FIDM (Fashion Institute Design and Merchandising) in LA.  We had a great long weekend together having her back home.  We hit all of her favorite restaurants that she does not have in LA.  Spent the weekend laughing, running errands, shopping and working on her homework just like HS days.  It was amazing to see her tucked safe and secure in her own bed just like a little girl.  When she left to get on the plane on Sunday, I cried for 15 minutes it was awful.  I hate not being able to see her all the time to go shopping or to lunch.  Once home, I washed her sheets so they will be clean when she comes back for Christmas break and that is when I discovered her childhood pink blanket still under her pillow.  The pink satin trim was well worn from her daily caressing to sooth herself.  I remember once we bought 6 identical blankets because leaving it somewhere was a devastating event—we would pull out a substitute blanket I would keep in the car or at home but that substitute never worked she would know that it was not the “original” and we would back track for it.  Seeing it still tucked under her pillow made me cry again thinking that she is still such a little girl and how much I miss that girl who is trying to become a woman in LA.  When I told Scott I cried more because Scott did not share in the memories of her childhood—that when it hits home and I realize I am alone again in the memory of raising our children.

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