Leadership Abilities vs. Being Blonde

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The past two days I have tried to get my “fasting” lab work done.  This simple task requires two things: 1) not eating and 2) going to the lab for a blood draw.  Yesterday, I had the appointment booked so I did not have to wait at the lab but I failed this task because I simply ate—so much for the fasting test.  Today I was ready—or so I thought—I made the appointment (again) I would drop Grant off at work (driving Grant to work is a whole other blog), then go to the lab.  Today I remembered not to eat—so far an improvement from yesterday, then I dropped Grant off and realized that I did not have the address for the lab with me—it is probably still on my desk at work where I made the appointment. 

 I called the lab on the lab order sheet.  I was feeling good that I was able to problem solve this without involving Scott and having no coffee in my system to aide in my resourcefulness.  I asked the lab what the cross streets were for the lab they said 3rd street and Dunlop…. Dunlop that is so far from where I am.  I started to search my brain for the location where I booked the appointment.  I had put in my work address and it said the lab was 2.3 miles from my work but it also said JCL location which is (John C. Lincoln) the hospital that is way on the North side of Phoenix and I am in Central Phoenix .  When booking the appointment I guess I didn’t take my stock in the name of the location since they said it was 2.3 miles from my work in Central Phoenix.  Well it is clicking in now that I am not going to get my labs done again today and I am hungry.  I drive up the unfamiliar streets of Central Phoenix in hopes to find a little family run café where I can eat and get my much needed coffee.  When I realize I missed the street toward my office I do a quick u-turn an nearly miss another car who zipped in the median turn lane behind me –who I obviously did not see.  She laid on the horn FOREVER…honestly I would have rather got flipped off

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