How is Scott Doing …..since developing profound retrograde amnesia?

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Today I met with my dear friend Tammy Crawford, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Leadership Solutions, Inc.  Her foundation hosts, The Desert Duel and she has grown this organization with such strength, integrity and passion since losing her husband tragically a few years ago.  As we sat down for lunch, the familiar question can up, “How is Scott doing?”  Here is this busy powerful businesswoman taking the time to meet with me and still taking such a personal interest in Scott’s condition—she is so kind and a true friend that always touches my heart.

Scott, I said, “Has good days and bad—and today he is OK.”  Some days he may wake with a major headache or confusion-but today just woke early (3:30am) with a slight headache which thankfully subsided by mid-morning.  Many days the stress and overwhelming feeling he experiences when thinking about re-learning his entire world or what he has lost by not having an autobiographical or historical memory of his entire 46 years is too much and turns into a physical exacerbation.   He has lost so many coping skills and the thoughts keep playing over and over in his head until it sometimes becomes too much.  It is almost like a bad reoccurring dream that you can’t get rid of or like when you see something horrific happen and the more you try to erase it, the more it remains and plays over and over inside your head.  I give his so much credit for pushing forward most days to relearn or keep up on current happenings in our world.  But he has so much more to give and want to see his voice and story of true hope and inspiration to be heard.

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