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If everything we know were erased in an instant, how would we reinvent ourselves? Scott Bolzan has had to answer that question in a way few people ever will. My Life, Deleted is an extraordinary look at what defines a person, a marriage, and a family.

The true story of a 46-year-old man who suffered permanent amnesia-losing all memories of his past, his wife and children, his likes and dislikes, and even how to navigate the pace and gadgetry of the 21st century-and fought to build a new life.

On December 17, 2008, 46-year-old Scott Bolzan awoke in a hospital with no memory of who he was or how he got there. He did not know that the attractive blond woman at his side was his wife of more than twenty years, Joan—or even what a wife was. He could not remember the births of his two teenage children, the daughter he’d lost, his time playing football in the NFL, or his successful career as an entrepreneur.

After slipping and hitting his head in his office bathroom, Scott had suffered profound retrograde amnesia, one of the most severe cases on record. My Life, Deleted in the inspiring story of one couple who faced a real-life nightmare, and then started anew. With unflinching candor, Scott takes us along as he discovers and describes his fresh take on the world, having lost the imprint of a lifetime of learning. Along the way, Scott and Joan share the thousands of struggles and victories they’ve experienced since their family changed in an instant, always tempering tragedy with stories of enormous love and unexpected humor. And through moments of fear and pain emerges—against all odds—an enviable love story, as Scott and Joan fall in love a second time.


Scott Bolzan’s life has been marked by determination and perseverance since his days as a star high school and college athlete in his home state of Illinois, and later as an offensive guard in the NFL. When an injury ended his football career in 1986, he began a career as a financial planner, earning his pilot’s license along the way. In 1994, Scott bought his first airplane and began flying his own and other planes for hire, later founding his own jet charter business. Since suffering a traumatic brain injury, he has traveled the country sharing his inspirational story. Scott married Joan, a registered nurse and business executive, in 1984, and they have two children.

Caitlin Rother is a Pulitzer-nominated journalist and the author or co-author of seven books.


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